Nena Pasadena Australia

Nena and Pasadena Viper Demin Jogger Kentucky Blue

Nena and Pasadena Viper Demin Jogger Kentucky Blue

Step up your streetwear game with the Viper Denim Jogger, now dropping in the freshest shade of Kent..

$159.99 inc. GST: $159.99

Nena and Pasadena Pursiuts Heavy Box Fit Hoodie Cabernet

Nena and Pasadena Pursiuts Heavy Box Fit Hoodie Cabernet

Elevate your streetwear game with the Pursuits Heavy Box Fit Hooded Sweater in Cabernet. Crafted for..

$119.99 inc. GST: $119.99

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There may never be a fashion label as globally-recognised, when it comes to Australian-bred brands that make our industry most proud. Nena and Pasadena is the brainchild of a collaboration between AFL legend Lance "Buddy" Franklin and a leading local menswear label. What put them and Australian fashion on the global map was their now-iconic flight pant – with a jogger-pant style design that won itself a top vote in European fashion in 2014. With this mark left on the wider world of international fashion, Nena and Pasadena has been a recognisable staple in urban wear that continues to deliver.

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Shopping Online for Nena Pasadena Australia

Nena Pasadena Australia is a brand that's huge on providing logo-emblazoned cotton jersey tees. The thing that makes them such an iconic brand has to do with their strong appeal within the urban fashion category. Easily casual while evoking unique flair, Nena Pasadena presents a streetwear style that is easily favoured by a broad range of fashion tastes. With its roots in menswear, it's a safe bet you'll find a few highlights or staples for your wardrobe, among our collection of Nena Pasadena.

When it comes to Nena Pasadena, women love how our collection easily helps them to create an urban-chic look. If you are shopping for Nena Pasadena in Australia, know that we can provide you with a leading collection of apparel, that includes a number of leading items such as:

- Nena Pasadena Menswear,
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